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Art Classes & Workshops

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Youth Art Club


Youth Art Club  |  REGISTER NOW  |  Flyer

In this after-school Art Club, students 5-16 will build a set of visual art skills and knowledge about the arts. Initally, students will learn basic drawing skills and techniques used to design and other art projects. During the winter, they will begin using color, and then in spring they collaborate with mural artists to design a mural. After school is out in June, they will work together to paint the mural. Classes are taught by guild member artists with exhibitions in the gallery during the season. Watch for updates to our current class offerings, or see this full class schedule for the 2017-18 season. Class space is limited, so register and pay in advance to reserve your place.

Adult artists ages 17 and up are offered art classes and workshops monthly. These classes and workshops are conducted by guild member artists with exhibitions in the gallery during the season. Watch for updates to our current class offerings for the 2017-18 season. Class space is limited, so register and pay in advance to reserve your place.

Upcoming Classes

JANUARY - MAY (every Thursday)   |  5:30 - 8:30 pm  | Adults  |  $5 plus split cost of model  |  REGISTER NOW

Life Drawing  |  Alane Levinsohn & Ed Keeling, Coordinators
NEW . . . this season
, 29 Palms Gallery is offering Life Drawing on Thursdays beginning November 2, 2017 from 5:30 – 8:30 pm. All skill levels are welcome - beginners through advanced. We will have nude and costumed models, both female and male. Models fees are approximately $20/hour (to be split by participants). First session will provide basic instruction for those who are new to drawing the human figure. Supplies will be made available for beginners wishing to try. For those experienced, it will run like a normal uninstructed workshop.  Poses will range from gesture to 25 minute long poses. After the first session, workshops will be uninstructed, and artists should provide their own materials and a drop cloth. We will need to have 6 people reserved each session to hold the workshops, so pre-registration is required. \

JANUARY 18   |  4:30 - 6 pm  | Youth  |  Art Club Members $5  |  Non-Members $7.50  |  REGISTER NOW 

Design with Color  |  Ed Keeling, Facilitator
Now students will learn color techniques and how to add color to their design.  Bring your sketchbooks!

JANUARY 25   |  5:30 - 8:30 pm  | Adults  |  Members $12  |  Non-Members $15  |  REGISTER NOW 

Designing Your Image Style  |  Lori Rennie, Advertising Professional
A critical element of building an artist's brand and brand recognition is your image style. Although artists are masters in their art medium, advertising can present some challenges. Having an image style makes the overall task of branding yourself much simpler. Follow Lori as she designs an image style giving tips to each participant on how they develop their image. For this demonstration Lori will use Photoshop. Participants may wish to bring their laptop for hands-on practice. Note: this is not intended to instruct on the use of Photoshop. Laptops not required.

FEBRUARY 8   |  5:30 - 8 pm  | Adults  |  Members $12  |  Non-Members $15  |  REGISTER NOW 

Shading and Shadows  |  Esther Shaw, Artist
Join Esther in her class to learn her techniques for adding dimension to your work with shading and shadows using charcoal and other color media. Esther is a Featured Artist for the February.  Her work will be on exhibition February 1-25.

FEBRUARY 15   |  4:30 - 6 pm  | Youth  |  Art Club Members $5  |  Non-Members $7.50  |  REGISTER NOW 

All About Murals  |  Ed Keeling, Facilitator
Students will begin to discuss and plan themes and subject matter for a community mural that will be done by Youth Art Club. Bring your sketchbooks!

MARCH 8   |  5:30 - 8:30 pm  | Adults  |  Members $12  |  Non-Members $15  |  REGISTER NOW 

ReGenesis Sculpture  |  Elisabeth Pollnow, Artist
This class is design to lecture, demonstrate and practice sculpture with artist, Elisabeth Pollnow. Elisabeth is a Featured Artist for the March.  Her work will be on exhibition March 1-25.

MARCH 15   |  4:30 - 6 pm  | Youth  |  Art Club Members $5  |  Non-Members $7.50  |  REGISTER NOW 

Design a Mural  |  Ed Keeling, Facilitator
During this class, students vote on a theme for the mural. They will design their own individual color drawings of their mural concepts to bring to the April meeting. Bring your sketchbooks!

APRIL 5   |  5:30 - 8:30 pm  | Adults  |  Members $12  |  Non-Members $15  |  REGISTER NOW 

Adult Art & Poetry  |  Jenifer Palmer Lacy, Artist
Local artist, Jenifer Palmer Lacy will lead participants through adult art and poetry. Jenifer is a Featured Artist for the April.  Her work will be on exhibition March 29 - April 22.

APRIL 11  |  5:30 - 8 pm  | Adults  |  Members $12  |  Non-Members $15  |  REGISTER NOW 

Imagination Drawing  |  Daniel Uresk Gridle, Artist
Daniel is a Featured Artist for the April.  In this class he will instruct students on his techniques of using in his show titled "Imaginationism".  His work will be on exhibition March 29 - April 22.

APRIL 20   |  4:30 - 6 pm  | Youth  |  Art Club Members $5  |  Non-Members $7.50  |  REGISTER NOW 

Mural Scale Model Grid Cartoon  |  Ed Keeling, Facilitator

Students will now present their best idea for a mural design that will be combined with other students' ideas to make a singe collaborative mural design. A sub-committee will complete a scale model cartoon of the mural in preparation for the May meeting. Bring your sketchbooks! 

MAY 17   |  4:30 - 6 pm  | Youth  |  Art Club Members $5  |  Non-Members $7.50  |  REGISTER NOW 

Mural Preparation  |  Ed Keeling, Facilitator
Students will approve the cartoon of the mural. Then they will create a grid on the cartoon and the wall or panel it will be painted on. Bring your sketchbooks!

MAY 20   |  3 - 6 pm  | Adults  |  Members $12  |  Non-Members $15  |  REGISTER NOW 

Dr. Seuss Meets Andy Warhol  |  Tanner Rettiono Artist
Tanner will conduct a lecture, demonstration and practice for participants using mixed media. 

JUNE 14   |  5:30 - 8:30 pm  | Adults  |  Members $12  |  Non-Members $15  |  REGISTER NOW 

Nuance of Color  |  Ray Lamb, Artist
Join Ray Lamb in this class where he instructs on the nuances of color with oil painting. Ray is a Featured Artist for the June.  His work will be on exhibition June 7 - July 1.

JUNE 21   |  5:30 - 8:30 pm  | Adults  |  Members $12  |  Non-Members $15  |  REGISTER NOW 

Painting & Collage  |  Darlene Morris & Anne Lear, Artist
Two for the price of one...instruction by both Darlene and Anne will show participants their techniques in painting and collage. Darlene and Anne are Featured Artists for the June.  Their work will be in a combined exhibition June 7 - July 1.

JUNE/JULY  |  Painting the Mural dates to be announced  |  STAY TUNED

These art classes and workshops are made possible in part by grants from the Officers Spouses’ Club of the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center and the Public Arts Advisory Committee of the City of Twentynine Palms. They are supported by volunteer efforts of 29 Palms Art Gallery members and on-going donations from our community friends and supporters. We thank you!