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exhibiting member rules

Joshua Tree basin artists

The Guild welcomes the opportunity to exhibit your work. We ask that you review our guidelines.


It is the Artist’s responsibility to have the work prepared and ready for presentation.

  • To qualify, you must not have been a Featured Artist at 29 Palms Art Gallery in the past 2 years.
  • All work must be original; copies of another artist’s work are not acceptable. Please be mindful of copyright infringement. Exception: students doing a study of another work of art, must cite the original source in the title.
  • All work submitted must be by a living artist and be the sole property of the submitting artist.
  • All work must be completed within the last five years.
  • All work must stay up for the entire run of the exhibition, unless sold.
  • Work submitted should be for sale. Some exceptions may apply.
  • Size limits:
    Two-dimensional art should not exceed a combined total of 60” for all dimensions. Example: one 24”x36” (60”); two 15”x15” (60”); or three 10”x10” (60”). The one exception to the size rule, will be the Member’s Show in March.
    Freestanding work should not be more than 50 lbs and anything over 25 lbs must be positioned by the Artist with the approval of the Curator. The Gallery will provide a base for freestanding work unless the Curator agrees to allow a base brought in by the Artist. Any deviations from these requirements may be discussed with the Curator.
  • Works determined to be a safety hazard (i.e. sharp edges, etc.) or that could cause damage to any physical aspect of the Gallery such as carpet, paint, or fixtures might not be accepted.
  • Artwork bearing any promotional/informational material other than the Artist’s name or signature may not be accepted.

PREPARATION: It is the Artist’s responsibility to have the work prepared and ready for presentation.

Wall entries must be dry, wired, and ready to hang. We use the WALKER HANGING SYSTEM (a rod with a hook that hangs from a rail) in order to preserve the original adobe walls in the Gallery. As such, saw tooth, bracket hangars, triangle, nails, screws, putty, glue, staples, double-backed tape, or other methods of hanging will not be accepted. Please note: gauge of wire should be sufficient for the weight of the work and artwork should be secured in frame, and frames must be in good on condition.

Each artwork should be submitted with 2 labels, each with the following info: artist name, title, date, medium, address, phone, and email. One label must be attached to back, the other to the front.

FEES: All submitting artists must volunteer/docent for 4 hours, plus an entry fee of $20 per entry ($14 per entry for students, military or seniors 65 and over). Fees may be waived if artists or their representative (i.e. spouse/partner) sign up to volunteer for an additional 4 hours.

“Art Pick-up Late Fees” will be charged after a 1-week grace period. A $5 per day late fee will be charged thereafter. Once it reaches the value of the artwork, the art will be retained by the gallery to be sold in the next auction.

SALE OF ARTWORK: The commission for sale of artwork is 70% for members. The Guild shall pay the Artist within 30 days of the close of the show.

Artwork purchased is encouraged to remain at the Gallery during the course of the exhibition, but the buyer may take it at the time of sale. When a work of art is sold, the docent will call the artist, who then has the option of replacing it. The work should be of similar size and price.

DELIVERY AND PICK UP OF WORK: Artwork must be delivered on IN/OUT day to the 29 Palms Art Gallery (74055 Cottonwood Dr, Twentynine Palms, CA 92277 / 760-367-7819) between the hours of 3:00 - 5:00 pm on Sundays, or 9:00 - 11:30 am on Mondays. Please check the Exhibition Schedule.

Artwork must be picked up on the IN/OUT day after the close of the exhibition (please check the Exhibition Schedule). Individuals, other than the artist, claiming artwork must present written authorization from the artist. Unclaimed work will be stored at the Gallery and can be picked up during business hours. The Gallery assumes no responsibility for its safety. The Guild will notify an Artist about unclaimed work after 30 days by email or registered mail and if not picked up, the artwork will become property of the Gallery after 90 days..

IN/OUT DAY PROCEDURES: IN/OUT day generally occurs on the first Monday of each month from 9:00 – 11:30 am, with a few exceptions on Sundays from 3:00 - 5:00 pm. Please check the Exhibition Schedule for exact dates. Accepting submissions after 11:30 am is at the discretion of the Curator.

The Main Gallery (East Gallery) serves as the Intake Room, where Gallery personnel receive art, artists sign the Exhibition Agreement, and the Treasurer accepts payments.

The Pickering Room serves as the Outtake Room. A small table is set up and each artist must sign out their piece(s) in the Artist Agreement Binder before taking them from the Gallery. A Gallery representative must countersign the Out section of the Artist Agreement.

The Curator will work with featured artists during months when the Main and West galleries have curated or feature shows.

MEMBERS AGREEMENT: A completed Members Agreement must accompany every entry. Multiple entries may be listed on one form.

The artist must file an AGREEMENT form and all works must be signed in and out by the Artist. Delivery or pick up of artwork by anyone other than the Artist requires authorization in writing or email.

RESPONSIBILITY: Although the Gallery is insured and all precautions will be taken by the Guild to ensure the safety of the works, the 29 Palms Artists Guild and Art Gallery assumes no responsibility for damage or loss. Artists may wish to procure their own insurance.

If an artist sells a work and agrees to ship it to the buyer, it is the artist′s responsibility to pack, ship, insure, and pay all costs incurred.

RECEPTIONS: Most receptions occur on the 1st Sunday of each month, however some exceptions may apply. Please refer to the Exhibition Schedule for exact times/dates. The Gallery continues with the traditional potluck opening reception. We encourage all to bring a small potluck offering to share. The gallery will provide beverages and some food items as well..