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29 Palms Art Gallery announcements

Stay Informed

Our Guild is growing! In the past year we've experienced a 20% growth in membership, with most new members being contributing artists. This amazing feat makes our gallery a more diverse and unique place for both locals and visitors to add to their list of things to do. Due to this growth, the Board of Directors has positive shifts to membership and rules that govern contributing artists. These changes are outlined in the Member’s Application, Guild Info & Exhibition Opportunities, and Exhibiting Member Rules. Please read everything carefully.

THANK YOU...Sending out a shout to our loyal supporters!
Many thanks to our paint-out group for the new coffee pot in the kitchen. The Gallery was badly in need of a new coffee pot. Your generosity is appreciated! 

To Hugh Huffman, your commitment and dedication to the Gallery is commendable. Hugh recently finished installing new lighting in the Gallery. We had very mismatched, poor quality lighting, and some very old lighting in the Main Gallery. In addition to installing the new lighting, Hugh diligently researched options and was successful at obtaining discounts and donations from Home Depot.

IN/OUT DAY: Sunday, February 28, 2016  |  3 to 5 pm

This is the same as our monthly Guild Artists Group Exhibitions, however this special show will occupy all 3 galleries and is a judged exhibition with awards. Intake is as usual with some slight modificaitons as announced above that can be found in our Exhibiting Member Rules. Please read them carefully.